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Scott Johnson

For the simple case, that makes plenty of sense.

But how about a quiz results slide with a touch of logic? If the quiz is failed, I want to direct the user back to the top of the scene, reset the quiz (for trying again). Do I need to specify the slide at the top or can I use just "previous scene?"

If the user passes the quiz (they can still review the quiz) they can proceed to the next scene. There is a slide trigger that goes to "next slide". Is that all I need or should I button with an object trigger to go to the next slide? So far, I'm just not comprehending this?

Dianne Gibson

I have built a menu that when object clicked it goes to appropriate slide and on that slide I set the variable for the item clicked on menu page to show state visited. This dims the items clicked and let's the user know what they have viewed and what still needs to be viewed.  Question: It works on one project but not on another.  The only difference is that the change state command is showing as Slide Triggers on the one that works and on the one that doesn't it is under object trigger.  Could this be the problem? And what exactly is the difference between Slide Triggers and Object Triggers? Is this something I have to select or is it done automatically. If so, why would it do it differently on 2 projects when I add the triggers.  Any thoughts? And thanks for the educaiton.

Jon DeMartino

I want to set the right and left arrow keys as an alternate way to navigate "next" and "previous" between slides.

 If I use "sllide trigger" to set this, will it apply the arrow navigation to all slides or just the one I set it from?  Do I have to use "player trigger"?
I've read the posts but am still unclear on the difference. I can see it would be useful to use slide trigger and set the object as a slide component but when we're talking about navigating from slide to slide, which should I use?



Okay, Guys... I have a question a little deeper about player triggers.  I need two different triggers.  I don't want the player to allow the learner to click on the NEXT arrow until the narration has ended.  All I can find is setting the trigger to EITHER click on next or after audio.  Can you hlep me out?

tisha hilario


I'm very new to storyline so I am trying a basic linear flow for my first project. I have just set the player triggers to jump to next slide when user clicks next button. This works fine on the earliest slides but in the middle just stops and won't budge for next or previous..



Andre Van Looveren

(Partly for the benefit of others...)

With slide triggers appearing above player triggers, if there are two triggers with the same event (like "timeline end"), then the slide trigger will execute first. And then there's the caveat that a "jump to previous/next slide" would prevent any remaining triggers from executing on the slide.

Got it. Thanks again!