slide triggers and screen recordings

Jun 12, 2014

Cannot stop slides from jumping to next slide at end of timeline, even after removing trigger.

Building a course with screen recordings, the issue I am seeing are for ones set to view mode. I have a slide trigger set to jump to next slide when timeline ends.

However, on the last screen of a recording, it needs to stay on that last screen so learner has to click next to continue. I removed the slide trigger to jump to next slide. But it still jumps to next slide.

I thought maybe because I was hiding screens in menu. I tried resetting menu to display all slides. It still jumps to next slide on it's own accord. The only trigger on this last screen is a player trigger for jump to next slide when user clicks the next button.

Is there a known issue or some kind of default function that makes screen recordings jumping to next slide in view mode or something?


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