Slide triggers: control timeline with variables?

May 11, 2016


I'd like for my timeline to stop at an designated point (done) and then resume again once 3 buttons have been clicked. I assigned variables to those buttons as they can be clicked in any order (and actually exist on different slides that direct back to the main slide). The variable count is working as expected, but the timeline is not resuming. I suspect it's because Storyline only runs through slide triggers at the beginning of the timeline and if the condition isn't met, it doesn't rerun those triggers again? I've attached a screenshot of the triggers as I have them set up. If there's a better way to do this, please let me know!



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Mark Shepherd

Hi Angela:

Another possible option to try might be to enforce interactivity, namely, by having a button appear at the appropriate point on the timeline via a cue point, or when the count changes to a specific or set value you want to trigger or watch for.

Said buttons could then be used as a way of pausing or continuing the timeline, while also providing some feedback to the user, giving them a sense of what is going on and where they are.

I've had rather so-so success with variable change tracking on its own: it's not always reliable or consistent, and doesn't always ensure that the learner sees what they need at the time I would like them to see the content at.

I've gotten around these kinds of issues through use of Change State Triggers, along with Pause/Resume Timeline Triggers firing at set Cue Points (tied to Button Clicks), so I would suggest trying these methods out a little to see if they might work better for you. 

Articulate's own Nicole Legault has some great examples and walkthroughs on how to achieve this. ;)

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