Slide Triggers in an Interactive Stimulation

I have an interactive stimulation with multiple slides.  Only one of the slides won't advance. The slide instructs the user to type "voter list" in a text box.  Once the user completes the text, the slide doesn't advance them to the next step.

The original slide trigger had a "submit" button that did work, however, we didn't want to include this button in the simulation.  I've attempted to add a trigger to advance the slide when the timeline ends, but that isn't working either. 

All of the other slides in the interaction defaulted with an object trigger that advances the user to the next slide when the media ends, but this also didn't work for this text slide.  I am a new user and any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Burgundy and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! Would you be able to share you .story file here in the forums? It would be great to know how you have your Triggers set up. Do you have a Fill in the Blank set up for this interaction? By default, your submit interaction for your fill in the blank would be when the user clicks the submit button, so I'm not sure how you are accomplishing this now and I'd like to understand the direction that you are heading. If you cannot share it in the forums, please share it here.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Burgundy! Thanks for sending your file. I had a chance to look at it, and it looks great to me. Are you not wanting the users to have to hit the key when they are done typing either. It seems to flow just fine onto the next slide for me. I think you may just need something to alert the user that the slide is not 'stuck', because they don't really know that it's moved onto the next slide unless they are following along in the menu.