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I am new to Storyline and creating my first project for our organization.

I want to have Slide 1.9 Overview be the branching slide. So when employees click on that they click on one of the 6 options to go to a scene. I want them to complete all 6 scenes before the quiz appears. How do I set that up in terms of triggers. I used the Articulate Storyline template that had a similar slide for learning objectives so the triggers were already set up. So I am not sure what I need to do . can someone help me please. Thanks


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Cary Glenn

It is hard to tell from a picture exactly what the problem is. Have you tried changing the slide property to "Resume saved state" when revisiting? The default is automatically decide sometimes this causes issues.

Are the variables like Accountability and Integrity changing? Using the reference function can help test for that.

Amanda McDermid

Thanks Walt. The thing is I guess because I used the other template. Its calling scenes another name that what they actually are called. How do I change that? I highlighted in picture the area I am trying to change. Its a drop down message so wont allow me too.

Amanda McDermid

Ok I changed the name. Thanks for that Walt.  Now I am trying to create the same triggers as for the other Titles like Integrity. 

There aren't triggers set up for Quality and Conflict of Interest I am trying to create those. I add them as variable now what do I select for the Text - I took a screen shot. 

Cary Glenn

Variables are one of things that make Storyline really powerful and getting a hang of them will improve your eLearning course development. 

Here is how I think of them.

True/False is like a light switch. It can either be on or off. I often use them when I want to add a trigger a slide when something happens on another slide.

Text variables I don't use often. They can be used to customize learning by having the person enter their name and then having their appear on other slides.

Number variables can be used in a wide variety of ways. They can be count clicks or change the state of an object based on what the variable number is.

Using the variable reference function is a great way to trouble shoot issues with variables.

Here are some good articles to familiarize yourself more with variables.


Walt Hamilton

Two things: These variables tell the menu page whether you have finished that section. They are set to False at the beginning to indicate that the sections hasn't been completed, and True to indicate that it has been completed.

Which brings up the other point: you can set them to true when the new section starts if you want (as popular of a suggestion as this is, it must be easier), but that allows you to go immediately back to the menu page, and get credit for finishing a section that you have just barely started. Personally, I find that there is always something that indicates that the section has ended, so I use that action to initiate the trigger to change the variable. That way, the section is truly completed before it is marked as completed. 

Just one thing of which you must beware; any trigger that comes lower in a list, or after a trigger to Jump to another slide won't be executed because the jump happens first.

Jennifer Stein

Storyline 360 - 

Can I link from a slide in scene 3 to a slide in scene 1 (not the first slide)? Is it possible to link to a specific slide in a specific scene? Jump to scene doesn't give me the flexibility I need. I want to jump to slide three in a scene not slide 1.  This seems like such an obvious ask there must be a way but I can't find it :(

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated.