Slide triggers vs object triggers firing order

I'm adding progress tabs to an existing course.  The curent tab will be set as selected to show the student how far they are into the course. 

I would like to copy/paste the tabs along with the triggers needed, to each of the existing slides.  I came up with triggers for each tab that change the state to selected if the tab # equals the variable "tab".   I set the variable where each section changes. 

The problem is I set the variable tab as a slide trigger and the tabs have object triggers to test the value.  It appears the object triggers fire first, then the slide trigger.  Notice in my sample the tab selected is one slide behind.

If I make all triggers "Slide", then it works correctly, but you can't copy the tabs to existing slides - the triggers become unassigned.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jenny!

It looks like you have the adjust variable trigger set up as a slide trigger, and the change state triggers set up as object triggers. 

However, they all need to be slide triggers or object triggers (not a combination of both) for this set up to work correctly.

Let's try this:

Open the adjust variable trigger, and change the object of the trigger to one of the rectangles--it doesn't matter which one.

Do this for all of the slides, and then preview the entire project. 

Hopefully that helps you achieve what you were looking to do!

Jenny Tolentino

Thanks Alyssa for solving that, it has been a huge help to my understanding of triggers.  They are super powerful, but I couldn’t find any Articulate articles that cover advanced usage.

I did ask this in a related post, but did you notice the rectangle label moves as the rectangle changes to the "selected" state?  This happens when the label is center aligned, but doesn't happen when the label is top aligned.