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Hi to this great community!

Thanks to information on this community site I have created a slide variable that deactivates the Next button until the timeline ends.

I have however been unable to apply the same variable on all the other slides I need the same action. The only success I've had is if I create a unique variable for each slide.

Is it possible to apply one variable to all select slides?

Many thanks

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Robert Lengacher

Hi Michael - Welcome to eLearning Heroes!

Someone else will probably beat me to the punch on this, but it should be easy to achieve what you need like this.

  1. Create a True/False variable to control the Next button (I'm calling it disableNext)
  2. Add a trigger to each slide to Adjust the variable disableNext equal to the value True when the timeline starts on the slide.
  3. Add a second trigger to the same slide to Adjust the variable disableNext equal to the value False when the timeline ends on the slide.
  4. Edit the Next button trigger by double clicking it under Player Triggers.
  5. In the Trigger Wizard, click "Show Conditions" on the lower left.
  6. Then click the green + symbol in the lower right
  7. In the Add Trigger Condition dialog use the following settings:
    List : Variables
    If: disableNext
    Operator: == Equal to
    Type: Value
    Value: False

That should do it. I've attached a .story file you can play with.

Michael M

Worked as described. This was very useful because I had another issue which this resolved too.

I was pausing the base layer on a Review slide which was resuming the audio through from the point of pausing. I found that the disable the Submit button until timeline ended on base slides solved it.


Many thanks Robert