Slide View vs. Preview View

Hi you guys,

I'm starting on some of the tutorials you guys have posted. I'm wondering why, when I preview my slide, the resolution goes all wonky. Meaning, the slide preview is all grainy and not at all compared to the slide view I see in the tutorial . . .

I'm using the free 30-day trial if that affects what I'm seeing. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Colin.  I can see what you're saying from your screenshot.

With Storyline 3 and 360, we made some changes to how Storyline scales on higher resolution displays as well as how the preview is rendered.  Some folks are experiencing the same preview blurriness as you are, and I'm sorry about that.

Can you let me know what your screen resolution is?  You should be able to right-click on your desktop and choose "display settings" for that information.

Leslie McKerchie

Gotcha! Yes, has nothing to do with your trial - as it is the full product minus a license. As Crystal shared above, we had to make some improvements to be sure your final product displayed as intended and this did affect the preview window for some users. We are aware and have it documented though. 

Thanks for reaching out and I hope you are enjoying the trial overall Colin. Looks like you know how to reach us as well :)