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Mar 05, 2014


I have built a non-linear course with slide viewed validation for all slides using a true/false variable. I would like to use these variables to publish course completion to the LMS.

I have looked at the "use short answer survey question method" but this 1) only works for text variables 2) simply reports text info not a score (I need the exam to be 100% ie all pages visited to set completion of course). Is there a way of using a true/false graded question then altering the quiz question variables with the slide status variables?

Help would be very much appreciated.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris and welcome to Heroes! 

It would be a bit to set up, as you'd need the variable conditions on each and every slide, but let's say that there are 100 slides each with the T/F condition and you've enabled a trigger to jump to a question slide when the value of each slide's variable is True. On that slide (lets make it a t/f quiz) you could set the trigger to change the state of the "true" button to selected and to submit the question which would set the "score" and then another "automatic" trigger to jump to a results slide where the user would be alerted that it was the end of the course (you can remove all traces of a score on this slide) and this results slide will also have the triggers built in to submit the "score" to your LMS - you'll also want to be sure to set the passing requirement to 100% as it's only for that one quiz question. 

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