Slide will not progress....Tried everything??!!

Oct 14, 2016

Good Morning, I have been working on a project for quite so time now, and when I preview the entire project everything works great! BUT, when I publish the project the second scene will not proceed to the third. I have tried using our home made next buttons, I have tried using the built-in player next buttons. I have copied the whole slide to a new scene and tried with out layers. I have checked and rechecked the functionality of our buttons, made sure the states and triggers were correct and even tried making a new generic button. NOTHING works once this project is published, like I said it works when previewed but not when published.....I even tried publishing as SCORM, TINCAN, Web, CD this project is sposed to go out soon, please help! I have also tested this on our LMS and SCORM cloud with the same issue.



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