Slide with 10 minute MP4 video

Using "Modern Player" and the "Resume Where You Left Off" option...

When a learner exits 5 minutes into the 10 minute video and re-launches the course, there is no prompt to "Resume where you left off".

The course always begins at the beginning of the MP4.

Is there a way to address this to support resuming a mp4 at the exit point?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

If you've selected Prompt to Resume or Always Resume as your resume behavior, the learner will resume to the last slide they visited before exiting the course, and the video on that slide will restart from the beginning.

If you'd rather the video restart in the middle where the learner left off, check out this creative workaround from Mauro.  

I know our team was also investigating an issue where a video restarts when you revisit that slide even if you set the "When revisiting option" to resume saved state for the slide properties and the learner had completed the video. If you're also running into that, let me know and I can keep you posted on that issue. 

Sam Carter

Mauro's solution only works if the learner chooses exit via the on-screen button. Many learners will just close the window which will bypass the "Save and Exit" button.

Is it too difficult for Storyline to save the timeline position in the suspend data so course authors could optionally select resuming a course at either of timeline zero or the point where the learner exited?