Slide with embedded swf - can I set to "resume saved state"?

Aug 21, 2014


I have a project with numerous embedded swf (captivate) files. On each of these slides, I added a button that takes the learner to a new layer with some exercises. When the learner clicks on "Done," s/he will return to the base layer, but the audio in the swf starts all over from the beginning. I've reset the Slide Properties to have it "Resume Saved State" but the base layer still starts over at the beginning. I'm thinking that this option isn't working because because the audio is coming from the swf vs. an audio file directly in Articulate?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Erika,

It sounds like you may be correct. Take a look at the following article. It will explain the two different methods for inserting SWFs in Storyline. I imagine that your SWFs are interactive and were probably inserted as Flash. If so, then they will play independently of the timeline, which is why they start over.

Always Happy to Help,


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