Slide with two possible scores

Hello Heroes

I have created a slide with two correct, two incorrect answers offering two possible scores (correct-correct; correct-incorrect;). 

While the scoring records correctly, the customised review slide does not display the learners choice of answers.

Any ideas as to how this might be achieved?

Many thanks for your help on this one. :-)


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Kirsti Harris

I handle requests for scoring like this a little differently. I use a 'pick one' slide (using 'convert from freeform' once the slide is made), and avoid the need for the variable by triggering 'selected' for the buttons directly from the checkboxes. The review slide works fine... see what you think. 

Íde O'Neill

Pierre and Kirsti

Ça marche!  

You guys have been so helpful, thank you so much!  

Both responses work perfectly and have offered alternative perspectives which serve to extend my understanding of the capabilities of Storyline 2!  

I love what I'm learning from all you heroes!

Thank you! 

Kirsti Harris

So... I just looked at this again, and I realized something I should've thought of sooner: the original file has the slide set to 'reset to initial state' when revisiting.  That's why the answers don't show up during the review. Changing it to 'automatically decide' (which is what my new slide/version of the question is set to), makes the review work.  Of course, if there are reasons why the slide must reset each time, then the best solution is to use variables as in Pierre's example.