Slide With Video Not Replaying

I have a slide that plays a short video. I've moved the video a couple of frames on the timeline with a trigger to play once the (short) audio completes. And once the video ends, it is triggered to jump to the next slide. However, when I click the back button to return to the video slide, it jumps back and quickly advances to the slide I just left (where I clicked 'Back').

Is there a way to set the video to always reset to the beginning? Or is it something else?

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David Schwartz

Hi Bobby,

Without seeing it, I might be off base here, but I would check the slide properties (gear icon) for the slide with the video, and be sure that the box for When revisiting is set to reset to initial state.

I'm guessing your video slide automatically advances to the next slide, and that it's resuming its saved state when the user clicks to go back.

Noel Read


You can do this using a trigger, which basically creates a loop. Set up a trigger that will say 'Play Media when media completes. 

You can also set up a button as a trigger that users can click and this will either restart the video, or take you back to the slide and the video will automatically start.