Slider doesn't slide back if mouse is released

I built an interaction where the learner uses a slider to move a picture of an old historical site over the present day site. The slider works perfectly moving back and forth as long as the learner doesn't release the mouse button. However, if the learner releases the mouse in mid-slide or once the slider is fully completed, the learner can't slide back and forth again. 

I feel like this must be a REALLY easy setting or trigger to resolve this but I can't seem to figure it out.

Link to the interaction:


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Michael Hinze

For me the slider works all the way until I hit "1880's". Then something seems to be overlapping/blocking the slider thumb. Without the seeing the source file, I can't tell how you display the year-textboxes along the top. Are they placed on different layers? If yes, then maybe the 1880's layer is set to not allow objects on the baselayer to be clicked.

Andrea Bornheim

It's always the little things! Michael it wasn't exactly what you said but it did give me an idea. Since "1800's" is two characters longer than the rest of the dates, the text box expanded just for that state and covered the slider. Once I deleted a blank space or two after "1800's" and resized the text box it worked without a problem.