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david mckisick

Hello Laurie. This is an interesting concept and I like what you are doing here. You asked for feedback, and I admit that I am confused about what you are trying to accomplish. I see topic headers above (topic 1, 2, 3, etc..), and then at the bottom beneath some unrelated text, you have your slider closer to process steps. How do the things visible on the slide relate to the slider and how does the slider relate to the various bullets on the slide?

I sort of think I might have an idea as to what you are doing, but I think relational factors make it difficult to follow. For example, do the bullets on the bottom row relate to the bullets on the top row? If so, it might be better to actually join the two together, or move them closer together so that users can see that the two are relative to the position of the slider bar.

Also, I think it might be better to set the slider to snap to each point on the slider bar.

Last, I noticed that once I moved the slider bar, that the topic layer covered the main slide permanently. This makes it difficult to see the relation to it as I move the slider to the next point. It might be better to make the topic layer semi-transparent, or give users the option to make it go away somehow, such as adding a button to hide the layer.