Slider in Articulate Storyline 2 works in course but not in Chrome

Hi All!

Can anyone help me with a problem I am having with sliders in Storyline 2?

The sliders work in my project, and when I publish to the LMS it does not function in Chrome. It does however, function in IE.

I do have the latest update for Storyline and for the Chrome browser.

Is there a fix for this??

Thank you!


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Cindy Seigle

Hi Alyssa!

The slider is not working at all, but works in the file and on IE, just not Chrome. Most of our users have Chromebooks that they use, so its quite an issue.

I did end up sending a ticket to the Articulate team as well and Cleo Sinues is looking at it as well.

He republished the file on his end and uploaded it to a third party LMS account for me to test. It works on this LMS but not on ours. SO... It looks like it may be an LMS issue on our end.

I am waiting for a response from him at this point as to what my next steps should be...

We are putting in a ticket with our LMS company, but their response time is not very good...

I have uploaded the published slide containing the slider that I have been testing.

Thank you!