Slider Interaction

Mar 26, 2019


I am trying to create a slider where a series of bars increase and decrease as the user slides the slider.

I have managed to create the bars by using different length lines which are all hidden and have changed the state of them to normal as the user slides the slider, I cannot work out how to get the bars to disappear again as the user slides the slider back down again.  I have tried to change the state of the bars to hidden again once the slider is not equal to the number but all this does is to show one bar at  time and not a series of bars.

Can anyone think of  way to do what I am wanting to do?

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Steven Haigh

Hi Ashley

I have shared two slides.  The first shows the bars increase when you slide the slider up to the top (this is what I want) But I want them to go back down again when you slide the slider back down,  if you look at the second slide, I tried to get them to do this but it hasn't really worked as it is only showing the one bar at a time and I want to be able to see them all go up and then then all hiding as you go back down again.

I hope this makes sense??

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