Slider interaction not quite right...


I'm trying to create a slider interaction using drag and state triggers.

I'm sort of succeeding, but not completely, so really I'm failing! And I'm sure there is a simple answer to my problem.

The challenge

I want to create a slider to show the requirements for two types of machinery, at various distances from powerlines.

The failing

I can get some parts of the interaction to work, but not the whole thing.

What I need

If you feel the inclination, I've posted my story file (attached) and I've published to Tempshare. I'm very open to suggestion on improvement (ignore colours, etc I've messed it up to remove branding) and corrections to functionality.

Thanks in advance, Kim.

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Michael Hinze

Kim, rather than using a drag&drop interaction, I would turn the two "vehicle distance lines" into true sliders, similar to the slider example here. I would also position the text so that if the vehicles are in the same distance position, the text for one doesn't overlap the other. Hope that gives you some ideas.