Slider interaction on a mobile device

Good afternoon, everyone!
I am currently creating my second course in Storyline 2, which will be a company history course. I am using the slider to create a timeline, as it felt like the easiest way to build in interactivity. I am curious if anyone has used the slider for a course on a mobile device, specifically an iPad, and if there were any issues that were encountered. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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Rachel Craig

Hi, Natalie!

Sorry for the late reply.
The slider worked out great on the iPad! One of the awesome things about Storyline is that you can customize the size of the circle in the slider, or even change circle to a different icon! In one of the E-Learning Challenges, I switched out the circle with a Goomba from the Super Mario Brothers games ;)

Customizing the size and shape of the slider is especially important on an iPad, as the default size is too small to use easily on a touch screen. I included my finished Storyline file from the E-Learning Hero Challenge #52, if you wanna take a peek for yourself!