Slider issue (when re launching eLearn in LMS)

Sep 28, 2020


I was hoping someone can advice - I am experiencing issues with the Slider. I created a simple button to toggle subtitles. I added how the button works and looks in the video below (Slider.mp4). The button has a few triggers as I need it to toggle the subtitles and also change the state, depending whether the subtitles are ON of OFF, please see image below (triggers.png). The triggers are set in the Slide Master as the button is on every page of the project (state Normal = off).

It all works fine when previewing in Storyline and also in LMS, but - the problem occurs when I exit the course (in LMS) and launch it again - suddenly, the Slider cannot be moved at all (the area of the slider is not clickable) and it starts in an incorrect state. This is in a case when the Player is set to "Always resume" - we need the course to start where the learner finished; the button to start on ON/OFF depending on the learner's progress etc.

It works fine in the "Never resume" option because (naturally) the button resets when revisiting the course, but that's not what we need...

Any ideas what's wrong? Anyone else has issues with the slider? Is it a glitch or my fault?

Thank you!

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Brian Allen

My guess is that while you're getting your resume data back from the LMS, you're losing any variable data in between sessions that would tell your slider where to start.

You can test this theory by temporarily adding variable references to your slide master so that you can visibly see the value of any relevant variables upon resuming a session from your LMS.

Romana Stanickova

Hi Brian

Thanks a lot for your advice. I've already chosen a different approach - I created similar looking image with off/on states + a "click" trigger to change the state and toggle the subtitles. But I understand your explanation and I will remember that for any future cases if I won't be able to choose an alternative.

Thanks again!


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