slider on a non-linear track

Hi, everyone - I attended Tom Kuhlmann's webinar a few weeks back on creating parallax effect using sliders. I'm wondering if there's any way it would be possible to make the slider move on a curved track.?.? I'd like to have a branching scenario in my course that uses the analogy of a railroad turnout. If the learner drags an icon to one fork in the the rail turnout, the course will branch to scene A. Dragging that same icon to the other fork in the rail turnout will branch to scene B.

Thanks for any tips!

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Michael Hinze

Before the built-in sliders and dials were introduced, there was the option to manually create these types of elements by using transparent drag objects and custom states. See this old blogpost here for some info and examples of 'hand-made' sliders and dials. The same approach can be used to create a non-linear slider.