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Apr 06, 2016

I have a strange problem with a slider i use. It worked great, but know i have a problem in both the scorm-file i use in moodle and in the articulate file.

The problem is that al of the sudden it is verry hard to move the slide from position 1. If you drag it to the first possition, than realese the mouse, and after that want to drag te slider back of forward, you have to realy move the mouse tot the right eddge of slider-button...

Only at most right pixcel the mouse-arrow changes in to the little hand...

I added it so you can see what i did (i removed the video becouse of the size).

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Erica

I think it is because the slider track is very thin.  I increased the size and it moves fine and displays all layers.

See attached screenr

Someone else may have a workaround if you want to keep it the original size, I just think it will need the user's precision in grabbing the slider button and moving it

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

Hi Wendy, thanks for the quick response. I did as you sayd, and it worked! You really are a Hero!! This cours is used by al our new employes. Not a verry good first impression!

But... i would love to understand!!
1. how come it worked before, and overnight stopt working?
2. how come the problem only occurs on the first sliderpossision?


Michael Hinze
Erica Berghout

How simple can it be! The textbox was there on all layers, but in the first layer it overlapped the buttun! Thanks Michael!

Yes, you are right the same textbox is on all layers. However, it only covers the position 1 of the slider underneath, so it is only causing the issue when the slider is in that position and the associated layer is shown.

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