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I am trying to create a progress bar from a slider (in the slide Master), which advances as the user goes through the course. I set the steps of the slider to the number of slides. It should however not advance (nor, in fact, go back) when the user visits a slide he has previously visited.

What's the best way to do this? I managed to get the slider going as a progress bar, but I didn't manage it to stop advancing when I revisit a slide. 

I have searched the forum but did not find the solution yet.

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Luke Benfield

Hi Sara,

Someone else from the community may have a simpler, more elegant solution, but here is what initially comes to mind - 

Depending on how many slides you have, you could create a True/False variable for each slide with the default value of False. You'll need a trigger on each slide to change those to true when it is appropriate to do so. 

I assume you have triggers set up to add a specific number to the slider when each slide's timeline starts? If so, you can add a condition to each of those that the T/F variable for that slide must be equal to False. 

You'll want to double check the order of your triggers so that the adjust variable to True for that slide occurs after the slider changes.

Hope that helps.

Sara Swier

Dear Luke,

Unfortunately it doesn't work yet, it still advances on visited slides :( Not sure what I am doing wrong. Could you take a look at the screenshot, perhaps?


EDIT: I think I found the culprit, with the help of this thread. It's because not all slides have a 'Resume saved state' option, causing some slides to reset to the initial state. Then, the radio button is also reset to not-selected again, and a slide can be counted more than once.

Is there a (easy) workaround for this, so that I may still use a slider as a progress bar?



Sara Swier

Hi Luke,

I used a radio button instead of a True/False variable. The radio button is default on not-selected, and gets Selected when a slide is visited.

See the sample file. When using the Automatically decide option, the slider goes back and forth when revisiting a slide. But when setting it to the Resume saved state option, it stays put.

Any way around this?

Luke Benfield

Hi Sara,

Sorry for the delay. I've been off the grid the past few weeks. I got everything to work by taking out the radio button and putting the triggers to adjust the variables on the slides themselves (instead of the master) with conditions that the variable has to equal the previous number to change.

Depending on how many slides you have, this may be a solution for you with a few minutes of copying/pasting. It wasn't too cumbersome.

Someone else may have a more elegant solution, but I did get the slider in Scene two to operate like you are describing.

One last note - I saw you had a shape covering the slider bar in the master slide. If the purpose of the shape was to make it so the user can't click on the slider, then that shape needs to be set to 100% transparent instead of No Fill. I made that switch in the attached file.