Slider reference changes when imported


I really hope to find a solution to this soon. I have a few projects each containing different slides with sliders and slider references (unique names) in them. When I import them to form a single project, all the slider references changed. They no longer reference the sliders that they are supposed to. I don't want to have to go back and change each and every references. Can someone help me with this, is there something I did wrong somewhere?

Thank you

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Suryani Gazari

Hi Michael,
Did the variable names to each slider change?
Mine does.
I have attached here a zipped file of the example slides that I created.
- FirstSlide.story
- SecondSlide.story
- ThirdSlide.story
- ImportedSlide.story
FirstSlide.story, SecondSlide.story and ThirdSlide.story, each contain a slider with a slider reference variable displayed. When previewed individually, they all work fine.
The variable reference displayed the correct number as you slide the thumb.

But once they are imported into a single file, ImportedSlide.story, and previewed the reference does not display the correct number when you slide the thumb.  The variable names changed.

How can I ensure that it doesn't change?