Slider's doesn't work in Articulate mobile player

Hello! I've a problem. I've created a slider with these features: start 50, end 99, initial 50, step 1. When I see the preview in Articulate 360 and when I publish for web the slider works perfectly, but when I use my template in the Articulate Mobile Player the slider doesn't work accurately. It gives the same initial value (50) up to half and then it leaves from 51.
Could someone help me? Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ombry, 

Have you also tested the HTML5 output in the Chrome or Safari browsers on a mobile device? I don't see any reported issues with a slider and the AMP, but suspect that may be because most folks have transitioned to using the mobile browsers directly and Storyline's responsive player. 

If you're required to use the AMP it would help to know what device(s) you've tested on and to take a look at your .story file. Can you share that with me here in ELH, or if you'd prefer to share privately you can send along to our Support Team.