Slider States Controlled by Buttons with Storyline 2

I'm using a slider to rotate a product 360 degrees.  I've got that working, but based on another example I found I've added a button to show the input side of the product which equates to slider position 12 of 33.  At first I thought that when I set up the trigger for the button to show the state 12 of the product the slider would also move to that position.  When it didn't I added another trigger on that button to move to a state showing the slider in the 12th position, leaving the initial state alone.  Every time I edit the states of the slider, they default back to the normal state.  It will not allow me to create a state with the slider in the 12th position.  How can I do that?  In the example I used from Michael,, his does work like it should.  I've attached my slide.  Looking for any help...Thank you.

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Michael Anselmo

Thank you Michael for the quick response.  This is what I wanted it to do.  I have been try to get this product to rotate, and it was your past posts that helped me get it done.  Originally I used Camtasia to just video me dragging a slider on our website, but no ability to interact really.  So I grabbed still frames from Camtasia each time it moved (simple with CNTRL+F, but a little time consuming).  It actually rotates more smoothly now with the slider in Articulate.  Thanks again!