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Michael Hinze

This is very easy to do. There is a variable attached to each slider. You can use the changing value of the variable to display states of an object. See attached a quick example. You could also put your text on layers instead and call the layers as the variable changes. See here for some examples of more advanced sliders: http://dev.keypointlearn.com/xcl73_SL2/Sliders/V1/story.html

Felicity Gorring

Hi there,

I have created a slider with 18 layers and I would like to put the numbers of each layer along the slider. How would you add text so that it lines up at each point that the layer appears? I could add a text box but I am unsure where each layer pops up unless I preview it. Any help would be appreciated.



Sarah Berry

Thanks for the quick response! I finally figured that out and I have the slider and thumb set to start at 0 and end at 2. I have 3 states for the textbox: normal, 1 and 2. My triggers say to change to state 2 when the slider == 2 and change to state 3 when slider == 3.

But it's acting weird - the first increment (to step 1) doesn't change the state of the textbox, only the second and third increments do. And when I go back to the top of the slider it stays at position #1, it doesn't show the 0 position.