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Wendy Farmer

Hi Robert

couple of things I noticed..First you had when mouses hovers over as the action so I changed that to when slider moves

Also, personally I find 'when learner drags' is less reliable than 'when learner releases' so I changed that - feel free to change it back

I put a variable reference on screen for testing to make sure that the slider was updating and I also noticed that the text for the Fact state and the Myth state are the same - is that correct? I put a small blue shape in the Myth state so I could verify it was working

Here is a quick Peek video of how its working now - let me know if you need any more help with it.


Robert Crooks

Oh wow, you went to a lot of trouble to assist me Wendy. I'm so appreciative. A big thank you!

(I knew it was something small I wasn't doing)

Re: the text being the same - working as intended (barring changing Its a myth/fact - this needs fixing). The exercise is designed to a) create some interaction within this Rise module and b) get the learner to think.  I'm only new at this whole ID thing so, hoping the plan works...

Thank you again, your amazing.