Slider to Control the Timeline


I am using Storyline 2 to create computer networking simulations and have added Pause and Play buttons to pause and resume the slide timeline. I would also like to have a slider so students can control the timeline manually to go to a particular spot. I don't see this capability but was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to add a Javascript trigger to a slider and use Javascript to control the timeline? Thank you. Greg

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Greg Tomsho

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for the reply. I am well-versed in programming so writing a Javascript control shouldn't be a problem, but I haven't been able to find any documentation about the internal variables and other data that may need to be manipulated that are available to a user-created Javascript trigger. I've looked through the Javascript generated by the publisher, but it is, let's just say, clearly not intended for user consumption. 

Brian Allen

The main thing that makes this difficult is that there are no triggers or actions that allow you to programmatically (from a slider, trigger, etc.) go to specific point on the timeline.  If there were, this would be easy to do.

We can currently do the opposite, trigger actions at certain points on the timeline (via cuepoints, etc.).

This would make a really good feature suggestion...