Slider Triggers

Apr 24, 2015

I am still learning my way around Sliders and Variables, so this may be one of those, "Well, Duh!" questions. I know you can set a trigger to act when the slider moves to a specific step, or when between specific steps. My question is, how can you get it to act when it is NOT between specific steps? For example, let's say I want to show a layer when the slider moves and is between steps 2 and 5, then hide the layer when it is NOT between 2 and five. The triggers would, in theory, look something like this:

Show layer XXX when the slider moves If Slider1 is between 2 and 5 (you can already do this)

Hide layer XXX when the slider moves If Slider1 is not between 2 and 5 (as far as I can tell, you cannot do this)

Since there is not a "not between" setting for the trigger, is there another way to do that? The problem I have is that I have a series of characters that are different lengths, XX - XXX - XXXX - XX - XX - XX. I want to allow the user to easily move the slider to the center of each set of characters to trigger a layer explaining what the characters represent and to hide the layer when the move off. Since they are not equidistant I have set the steps to 0 -48. The result works but a heavy handed mouse user might have difficulty setting the mouse to just the right step to show the layer. Any ideas?

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Edward Springer

After spending several hours over the weekend trying to figure out how these were done, especially the last example showing two ways to move the slider - I'd also like to know how he built the custom slider thumb and track, think I know how but would love to see Michael's solution - I, too, would love to see the source file.

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