Slider values DeCrease with incorrect Value

Oct 02, 2017

We have a slide that has 4 sliders on it that need to equal 100%.  the target value must be 7.  We can get the values to go up by the correct value, but when we decrease the sliders the values do not decrease by the same value it increased by.  Is there a way to have the values correctly change as you decrease the slider.  I have attached the story file.




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Shalom Mangalindan

Hi Eric,

I've checked the story file you attached, the triggers on the sliders in particular, and it seems that the way TargetValue is defined is that the system adds 0.1 to its current value every time a slider is moved. 

The screenshot below shows the triggers defined for one of the sliders. What it does is that it defines a temporary variable CCodesValue, this then increases by 0.1 every time the slider is moved a notch, and then adds the then-current value of CCodesValue to TargetMargin.

The same set of triggers is defined in the other sliders. So then what happens is that the TargetMargin's value just keeps going up whenever any of the sliders is moved, whether to the right or left.

There are no set of triggers that instructs to decrease the value of TargetMargin when any of the slider is moved to the left (or value of any slider is decreased).

I am not entirely sure how you intend the TargetMargin to behave so this reply is limited to an explanation of why its value is not decreasing as you move the sliders leftward.

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