Slider + Variables

Oct 23, 2017



Needed help in a project I am working on.


This project has a slider: Start 0, End 60, Step 5.


I have created couple of variables: Total Variable and Default Variable (0.50 value).


What I am trying to do is to achieve these results:


Slider 0 = Total Variable 0

Slider 5 = Total Variable 0.50

Slider 10 = Total Variable 1.00

Slider 15 = Total Variable 1.50

So on... (0.50 increments)


I tried adding a trigger that will add the default variable to total if the slider is at 10, however, every time I put the slider at 10, it will still add 0.50 instead of going back to 1.00 value. Tried adding a trigger (subtraction) but it won't work.



Thanks in advance!


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