Slider with multiple answers

Jun 04, 2015

Hi again,

I have a question about sliders. I have 3 sliders with 2 possible answers. I'd like the user to pick one possible answer from each slider and based on their selection after clicking 'Process' they get an answer. (1 answers per each slider - which means 8 possible choices). When they have selected their 3 options from the 3 slides, they click process and the answer for their selection comes up. I have attached an image. 

I'm assuming this can be done through variables/triggers, just not sure how? 

Thanks for any help....

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Michael Hinze

You can do just about everything with variables and triggers, I'm just not sure how these sliders are supposed to work. You said "I have 3 sliders with 2 possible answers." In your screenshot it looks like the two lower sliders are either all the way to the left or to the right. But the top slider is 'somewhere in between'. Is that then considered a wrong answer? Also, should this be a scoreable interaction?

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