Aug 16, 2016

Hi everyone

I am having trouble using the slider. I am trying to make a large construction site panoramic so that when someone drags the slider it take them around the site.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated


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Crystal Horn

Hi Sandy!  Sounds pretty cool.  :)

Here's another discussion in the community perhaps looking to create the same effect with motion paths and sliders.  And this one too, using sliders as well.  

This article from our User Guide discusses using zoom regions to create a panning effect; it might be an alternative to the slider method.

With sliders, you're going to have to have a few elements working together like states, triggers, maybe motion paths...all depending on the type of content you have.  Can you share your .story file to get some input from the community?  Might be a good idea to post in the Building Better Courses forum too!

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