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I'm trying to create a review qustion using a slider to select the correct answer. I have 4 answer options and the slider is set up to start 0 and end 3 with 1 steps. The correct answer would be in what i think is location 2 (if the locations go from left to right, 0, 1, 2, and 3) I have triggers set up to go to different slides depending if the person who is taking the review answers correctly. I have triggers set up: When user clicks; Object - Submit button; with condition Slider1== Equal to 2.00 and have that directing to the "Correct" slide. I have an additional trigger set up: When user clicks; Object - Submit; with condition Slider1 != Not equal to 2.00 and have that directed to the "Incorrect" slide. No matter what answer I choose on the slider, it directs me to the "Incorrect" slide. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Jessica Murphy

The slides that have the sliders and are giving me problems are: 2.7 and 3.6. On slide 2.7 the correct answer is 150, on slide 3.6 the correct answer is 70.

Basically, if the slider is under the above answers and the person presses submit I want it to go to a specific slide. If the slider is in any other position when the person presses submit, I would like it to go to a different specific slide.

Thanks again!

Michael Hinze

Slider interactions are not scoreable by default. Since you are using a Submit button, I assume you want this to be a scoreable interaction. To do that: you`ll need to add two radio buttons to the slider interaction screen, turn this screen into a freeform Pick One question and then use triggers to set the radio buttons to either the correct or incorrect answer, depending on the slider values. Finally, move the radio buttons offscreen so that only the sliders are visible.

Deanna Brigman

On the timeline they will be listed as Slider1 if there is only one slider on that particular slide, but a new variable gets created for each slider you create.

I looked in the variables window to see what slider variables you had. Then I created a text box for each possible variable and set them up as follows: %Slider1% %Slider2% etc. (this will display the variable value in the text box)

Then I previewed the slide and moved the slider to see which text box changed. Easy!