Sliders and Variables

Hi everyone - really hope you can help me out!

I'm creating a basic self assessment using 9 sliders (all on slide 2). My idea was to create an additional variable called TotalScore, and have all the sliders add their values to it. I'd then use the TotalScore variable to change the state of the feedback text (on slide 3), so if you scored high you got one set of text, if you scored low, you'd get another.

For some reason I can't get it to work. Is someone able to apply a more experienced mind and let me know where I'm going wrong please?


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David Schwartz

Hi Tom,

It seems like the trigger to jump to the next screen is happening before the variables are added to TotalScore, but I am not sure. I did a workaround by shortening the timeline of slide 2, and pausing it at 1 second. The next button click adds the variables to TotalScore and resumes the timeline, and a new trigger jumps to the next screen at the end of the timeline at 1.25 seconds.

Wish I could understand why the jump to next screen trigger seems to be happening out of order, but the workaround does work.