Slides acting buggy , how can I fix them ? Deadline approaching !

So I am developing a course teaching a software to law enforcement. The slide I have attached functions as the review section for one of the modules. My intended purpose in this "Review Section" was to allow the user to click on the items of the section to see the explanation of them as many times as they would like. The problem is when you click an item once, let it play through, then click the same item a second time, there is some sort of bug or problem where a piece of the audio gets randomly thrown at the beginning on top of whatever audio is supposed to be playing. This looks super unprofessional and I CANNOT deliver this training with bugs like that in every review section. By the way , there are alot of review sections and this problem is in every one of them. Please help I am so frustrated right now. 

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Meryem M


I'm going to bump this post because I hope someone has an answer.  I worked on it yesterday and was able to replicate your problem but couldn't find a solution. I did notice that on some of the layers the layer doesn't ever actually close.  Though the timeline ends for all the objects on the layer, the layer is still active because there is no trigger to close it.  You just see the base layer through an empty layer.  I thought I was on to something, but closing the layer did not stop the problem of the double audio. 

So, I'm bumping you up, hoping that one of the heroes has insight for you.

casey hillstrom

I fixed this problem on my own by changing every single layer in my project ( a great deal of layers) to  new slides. Although this method worked it took a great deal of time and was a little disheartening that no reason is known why the audio messes up when reviewing a layer twice in a row. That being said I do appreciate the people who took the time to look at it for me. Many Thanks.