Slides are auto advancing without requiring the next button

Jun 14, 2013

This is my first project using Storyline and when I preview the scene I built, one it gets to the end of the timeline for each slide it auto advances to the next slide. I checked the player triggers and deleted the tirgger to move to the next slide once the timeline ends but it still advances when I preview it. I wasn't prepared to load the file yet to my LMS for testing. Any suggestions on settings I might be missing?

Is this just how preview works and it will translate fine into my LMS?

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Jenna!

Your triggers look good, thanks for sharing the screenshot :)

Quick question, have you checked the advancement properties for the slides, as well?

You can find this by clicking on the "cogwheel" in the lower-right hand corner of the window, for the base layer:

Is this currently set to "Advance Automatically" or "By User"? If this is set to automatically, try changing the option to "By User".

If this is the setting you're using, are you able to share the .STORY file here? I'd be happy to take a look.


Mazhar Khan


I am having the same issue. I created my first storyline project today. But since the last two hours I am stuck in this issue.

As shown above, I've set the 'cogwheel' to 'By User' but even then the slides just advance automatically.

Kindly help me out with any known solution.

I've also kept the variable such that the next button becomes active only after the timeline gets completed (using one of the tutorials here)

Looking for guidance as quick as possible.



Vijaykumar Kartha

Is it possible to have the setting for Slide advances by user to be enabled for all slides at one go? Or, is it necessary that I change this setting for each slide manually. It seems time consuming to do this. I am hoping that ARticulate has a feature to get this done for all slides from the beginning itself, otherwise I dont understand why this is enabled to advance automatically as the default setting. If we are developing a story in a player, surely it means we expect the learner to navigate using the Next button, and so shouldnt that be the default setting?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vijaykumar and welcome to Heroes!

You can select multiple slides from within the story view and apply that slide property setting to all slides at once to allow the slides to advance by user. You should also see the "jump to slide trigger" included when starting a new course or adding a new slide.

Sylvia Wright

I have just imported a powerpoint file into SL2 and am having the same problem as Mazhar and Jenna.  I have all the slides set to "by User" in both places and have even removed SL2 prev and next buttons, but in preview mode it still moves to another action before I finish testing the triggers on the slide.  I wonder if it has something to do with transitions.  I tried setting transitions up to 25 seconds but it won't let me do that. I set transitions to none, but still to no avail.  I did not see and answer posted to Mazhar's problem so just asking what was the problem there?  Thanks much!

Sylvia Wright

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for looking at this slide for me. I still need to repair the triggers, but the issue I can't figure out is why all of the graphics except the titles disappear after just a few seconds. I don't want them to do anything except on triggers. Thanks!!!!

I am really liking SL2 and want to see if I can get my course completely transitioned and operational from Powerpoint to SL2 during this trial so that I can take my request for purchase to my supervisor with evidence that it WILL meet our needs very effectively.

Sylvia Wright

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sylvia,

Are you visiting this ELH page to upload it using the "Add Attachment" button? The zipped file also didn't come through - you won't be able reply via email and include any attachments as a part of that to upload here into the forums. If you're still having difficulty uploading files on this page, you are welcome to send it along here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen, 

I'm not sure I'm clear on what you'd like to occur - if you have removed the feedback layers, and the user clicks the submit button it should move them to the next slide. That is advancing by user input vs. advancing automatically based on when the timeline ends.  If I'm misunderstanding can you share a bit more information here with us? 

Allen Moore

Thanks for the quick response Ashley.

By user I expected that the user would have to select the "Next" button to advance.

I misunderstood the meaning.

I want to provide my own feedback as well as provide a ligthbox showing the slide containing the information that addresses the question.

Is that something I would do on a slide layer?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen, 

By user just indicates any action the user takes to advance, whether it's the next/submit button on the player or an element on the slide itself. 

As far as feedback, you can customize your feedback layers as described here  and if you want to show a particular layer or lightbox, you can set up a trigger as such based on the user clicking the submit button or another action on the slide. I think that if you gave the feedback on a layer, you could also include a button on the layer with something like "Looking for where this information was in the course?"  and that would lightbox the particular slide in question. Once they close the lightbox they'll be brought back to your feedback layer and could continue from there.

Hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sylvia, 

I wasn't able to open that project file unfortunately. 

Since I can't open it a few other thoughts would include checking:

  • Are all the objects set to be visible for the entire timeline?
  • Are there any exit animations on the objects? 

If you're still having difficulty, we'll want to have you import it into a new file as described here to see if that version can be uploaded here. 

Sylvia Wright

Ashley, I figured it out :). The powerpoint animations were still attached (I imported the file). Once I found out they were there (there were animation stars by the images that did not disappear when I deleted the triggers) and figured out how to get rid of them (click on the animation menu and select none) everything went away and I am starting with a clean set of images. SO, thanks sooo much for your help in working this through.