Slides are out of order

I'm using the latest version of Storyline 3 and I can't believe that when I add/insert a slide into a scene in the middle of several slides, Storyline still can't figure out how to renumber them or I don't have the ability to force the order of how I want the slides to be in the list.  When will this be fixed in Storyline?  Or, is there a documented workaround that I'm not finding in the documentation?  I've tried cutting and pasting slides back into a scene and that doesn't work, dragging them around, etc.  See below.

Thank you!

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Deborah Alexander

Hi, I am having a similar issue with trying to renumber slides. 

I don't need my slides reordered in my course only the numbers so that when I publish in a Word document to create a learning guide to go with the course, the slides show in order. Alyssa Gomez, can you please assist!

Cliff Bandringa

Hi Alyssa, thanks for helping.  Yes, I have a button on each slide that appears when I want the learner to go to the next slide, so that button has a trigger that goes to a specific slide, which is usually the next slide.  When I select "next slide" as a trigger, my scene gets all wonky.  I've tried dragging the slides into the order I want, but it doesn't want to cooperate.  This is a similar issue I have in all of the lessons I create that have many slides in one scene and I need to insert more slides in the middle.  What is the correct routine for adding slides?  Is there something in the documentation that lists the correct steps?

Yes, I don't mind sending you my .story file.  But it is 25 MB.  Do you have an ftp site I can upload to or can I send you a link to my dropbox account where you can download?  I see there is also the button below that says "add attachment".  Should I use that?  My lesson is industry sensitive.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deborah! The Word document will display slides in numerical order. If your slides aren't already in numerical order, you may need to manually cut and paste the slides in the Word document in their correct order. 

Hi Cliff! Typically when you want to add a slide in the middle of a list of slides, you should select the slide before, then add the new slide there. The new slide will adopt the correct slide number, and all slides below will adjust accordingly, as well.

As you said, switching to the "next" trigger will cause some wonkiness that you will need to work with, but using the method I shared above will prevent this from happening in the future.

You don't need to share your entire file with us--just a small sample will do. Also, you can send it through this form if you want to keep it private. 

Cliff Bandringa

Hi Alyssa, I think I've got it (fixed the problem).  The root cause of my problem was creating a Next button and hard-assigning it a trigger to a specific slide.  After trying several times to drag and drop the slides to where I want them, they are now staying there and I'm using the Next Slide trigger on all my Next buttons.  And I've tested either inserting slides or using the duplicate option and I am able to drag the new slides into the order I want.  Thanks again for your help.

Rikiah Pratt

I am having a very similar issue to this one. As I save my work and come back in I notice my slides are out of order. Numbering is wrong and they are out of order in the Player Menu settings as well. Please help because this is a bit annoying especially when trying to deploy a course to my company's LMS.

Ren Gomez

Hi Rikiah,

Have you tried hard-assigning your "Jump to Slide" triggers to a specific slide instead of Next Slide? And not to worry about the Player menu! You can always use the Reset to story button to reorganize your menu once you have it all lined out.

On the Home tab, click on Player. In the Menu properties, select the button next to the gear icon and you can reset your menu there! 



I have the same issue, and despite I have assigned the next button to the correct slide, when I publish in Word, all the slides are mixed up.

I have tried moving them in Story View, moving them in the player...but nothing seems to work...can you help me?