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Mar 28, 2014

Hi.  We have courses.  At the end of each lesson, there is a test.  The tests are created, but on one subject area (Physics) - we have created a powerpoint with voiceover that explains how to work each problem on the test.

I understand how to use a button an my slide to access a second layer.  What I can't figure out is how to use the already created powerpoint slides as a layer.  Is this possible?

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Donna Massey

Thanks for that...very nearly perfect!  The one question I have is this -- I have (for example) 13 slides and 13 answers to come from the lightbox effect.  I want each "answer" to play when the button is clicked for that question.  I put them in a separate view - but what happens is it keeps playing the next answer from where they are in the test.

In order to make this work the way i want, do I have to put each one of the answers in a separate view or is there a way to tell storyline to play the slide on trigger - but only that one slide?

Steve McAneney

I'm a little lost her Donna. Have I got this right?

-You have 13 question slides

-You have 13 answer slides, imported from PPT

-You want answer slide #1 to show as a lightbox when question slide #1 is viewed, a button clicked or whatever.

Each question slide should have a unique trigger linking to a different lightbox (answer) slide. This is set up in the trigger properties. Like this:

I have set this lightbox to open upon pressing of a button on the "question" slide, but you could trigger it with anything, such as time line ending. 

Finally, to stop the question layer from continuing to play while the lightbox is showing, if that is your issue (?), you can add a blank layer to it, and set it to "pause" the base layer. 

Does that get you any closer?

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