Slides do not show in a Hierarchiacal view

Feb 19, 2019

I am using the trial and when i insert new slides they alwasy insert below the last slide.  They always show in like a list view and never in Hierarchiacal view.  All the videos i have wathed show the Hierarchiacal view so I am confused why mine does not.  

it doesn't matter if i am in slide view or storyview.  I have attached a screen snip of my view.


Dawnetta Hauger

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Dawnetta Hauger

Hi Ashley,

I have watched lots of videos and all of them show the scene slides in a hierarchical view instead of just one below the other in a straight line.  I was wondering why mine does not do that. 

I have attached a snip of a slide from a video on how to create your first slide. 

I guess i don't understand why you would leave off a trigger. 


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