Slides do not show in a Hierarchiacal view

I am using the trial and when i insert new slides they alwasy insert below the last slide.  They always show in like a list view and never in Hierarchiacal view.  All the videos i have wathed show the Hierarchiacal view so I am confused why mine does not.  

it doesn't matter if i am in slide view or storyview.  I have attached a screen snip of my view.


Dawnetta Hauger

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dawnetta,

They're shown that way as there are triggers to jump to the next slide. If you removed that trigger they would display next to one another with no arrow line indicating a trigger connection.

When you're looking for a hierarchical view - could you share more details on what you mean by that? 

Dawnetta Hauger

Hi Ashley,

I have watched lots of videos and all of them show the scene slides in a hierarchical view instead of just one below the other in a straight line.  I was wondering why mine does not do that. 

I have attached a snip of a slide from a video on how to create your first slide. 

I guess i don't understand why you would leave off a trigger.