Slides make their own decision? HELP - I am on a deadline!

Hi guys!

Yesterday I learned how to change the state of a slide so that the learner can earn a checkmark. Nice! But now it seems that my slides make their own decision in the routing..... After filling out a group of questions, I want the learner to go to the homepage (the village) to go visit the next person. The learner clicks on the 'submit' button and goes to the next question, so far so good. Then I changed the submit button trigger in the last question to "go the slide village (dorpje) when the uses clicks submit' - Yeh right - NO - when the user fills out the last question and submits, he goes to the next slide eventhough I don't see a trigger for this action. HUH? Ofcourse, I amd doing something wrong....but what?

Here's the file also.....

Thank you!


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Yusuf Rangwala

Hi Tineke,

I just checked your file and I was facing the same issue. Here is what you need to do to fix it. Currently you're having two triggers for Submit button. One is for Submitting interaction and the other is to jump to the Village slide. Shift the jump to Village slide trigger above the submitting interaction trigger and your problem will be resolved.