Slides not advancing Firefox 45.0.2

I have a module that will not allow users to progress past a specific point in Firefox.
The module is built using articulate storyline and works fine in all browsers except Firefox 45.0.2
It will not allow users to progress using the next button. 
Are there any specific issues using Firefox?

I have attached the .story 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

Thanks for uploading your file. I took a look and published it and uploaded to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for LMS testing and then viewed it in Firefox but it all worked normally for me here. You can test this version  of the course if you'd like.  Perhaps your LMS does not support Firefox? In your Firefox browser have you allowed the Flash content to play? I ask as we don't support HTML5 in Firefox but Flash content can be disabled by the browser. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy,

Looking back to your initial post, you said you can't progress past a particular point - what point is that? The slide titled "Defining culture" does prompt me that I need to click on all the buttons first. But that's expected based on how it was set up - is there a particular slide title that you can point to or let me know where you're seeing that you're no longer able to progress?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Amy -- Thanks for your patience while I tested your published output in Firefox (version 46.0). Just as Ashley had reported, I did not experience any difficulties progressing throughout your entire course. Please feel free to test my published output here, and if you continue to have difficulties, it may be a good idea to reach out to our Support Engineers for a more in-depth technical analysis of what may be causing these difficulties on your end. 

Pierre Jouan


I came here because I have the same problem with some modules on our LMS and Firefox.

I downloaded and published the HFO_Refresher_UPDATED_5-3-16.story to Cloud Scorm because links given here were down and guess what : I have the exact same problem on the same slide (Cultural Generalizations vs. Stereotypes)

Works OK on Chrome.

I'm using Firefox 60 on Windows 10 64Bit.

As this thread has not been updated for over 2 year I don't know what to expect but you never know.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for checking in! I took a Peek into Amy's case, and the issue was file-specific, so we didn't log the issue as a software bug.

Are you running into a similar problem with your course? If so, tell us more about what's going on. If you can also share a copy of your file with our team, that would be even better. Thanks!

Evelyn Chan

Hi, I came here for the similar issue. On the Bucket Drag and Drop slide, some students experiencing problem with that slide got frozen and won't go anywhere after they complete the drag and drop.

On my end, I disable the NEXT button on that slide, students can only click on cont'd button to go to the next slide. However, studends reported who are using FIREFOX, a "NEXT" button will appear on the bucket slide and won't do anything. Is that a glitch in Storyline?


Pierre Jouan

Hi Evelyn,

I have no problem with your module but I see there is no Flash involved so the problem might not be the same.

Here's a easy one to test : hangs on first slide on Firefox, OK with Chrome, Edge or IE...

Firefox and Flash are up to date. I managed to pass first slide once by quitting Firefox but it hanged at relaunch.