Slides not advancing to next scene in Review Quiz mode

Sep 26, 2014

I have a Storyline project with 6 scenes that are graded quiz slides. When in Review Quiz mode, the Next button of the last slide in a scene is not advancing to the first slide in the subsequent scene.

I am new to Storyline, so I suspect I am overlooking a Next button setting. I have looked at the slide properties for the individual quiz slides. Because these are quiz slides the Submit button is the only navigational control selected. The When revisiting feature is set to Automatically decide.

How do I tell the Next button to go to the first slide of the next scene when in Review Quiz mode?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Mary Ellen,

you will need to update the trigger that is set at "jump to next slide" to "jump to next scene"

If you use feedback layers on your slides, the continue button on the layers is what is set to Jump to the next slide/scene.

If you do not use the feedback, you can add a trigger to the submit button.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Mary Ellen Woods

It is probably because I am new to Storyline that I am not able to do find the setting you are suggesting I change. I hope by attaching the storyline file, you can see what I have done with the slides and can provide specifics as to what I need to do.

The attached file has 8 scenes:
Scene 1 has a main menu with 6 buttons. Each button links to one of 6 other scenes.
Scenes 2 - 7 are quiz slides
Scene 8 is the results slide

The correct answer setting of the last slide in Scenes 2 - 7 is set to go to the Main menu when the Submit button is clicked. However, when in Review Quiz Mode, I want the last slide of Scenes 2 - 7 to go to the next scene. I do not know how to make the last slide of Scenes 2 - 7 behave one way in Quiz mode and another way in Review Quiz mode.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mary Ellen,

I'm pretty sure Emily nailed it when she suggested you'll need to change the "jump to" trigger via the Trigger Wizard to Jump to Next Scene.

I just tested on Scene 5, Quiz 4, RDA. On your slide 5.3 I changed the trigger on the incorrect layer jump to the next scene. You can do this by double-clicking on the trigger in the trigger pane. This will display the Trigger Wizard. You'll want to change the Action to Jump to Scene (you can see it in the screen shot here, highlighted in yellow), and then change the scene to next scene.

I only worked on that one slide, but I'm sure that will give you the idea.

Also, you posted the same question over here, so I wanted to link them.

Mary Ellen Woods

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for explaining that it is the Incorrect layer that I need toset. Also, thank you for the screenshot as Im avisual learner.

I take it that the Incorrect response is what the users sees when he reachesthat maximum number of failed attempts. Prior to maxing out, he sees the Tryagain response, correct? So, I should definitelystay away from the Try again Trigger Wizard.

Unfortunately, I did not see your post until now. Ill give the Trigger Wizard setting a try ina week or two. Today, I came up with myown work around (see explanation below) that will work for the time being untilI can get back to this project.

When Icouldn'tfigure out what setting tochange, I had to get creative. Here is my workaround for the Next button not going to the next scene when reviewing the quizresults.

As you may remember, I have 25 quiz slides spread across 6 scenes in myStoryline project. These quiz slidesmake up Scenes 2-7. I want the lastslide of each quiz set to go to the next set of quizzes when the user is inReview mode. I am able to make thathappen by adding a plain, blank slide to the end of each quiz slide set (akascene).

The Next button on these blank slides in quiz sets 2 7 is configured togo to the next set of slides (scene). The blank slide added to the end ofthe last set of quizzes, Scene 7, is configured to go to the Resultsslide. Each of these extra slides has a Main Menu button on the slideitself should the user wish to bail out of the quiz review and go back to theMain Menu slide. There is text on these plain, blank slides that tellsthe users what to do.

The user only sees the extra slide when hereviews the quiz results or when he maxed out the number of failedattempts. I have the Submit buttonconfigured to take him back to the Main Menu side when he answers the lastquestion of a scene correctly.

This work around allows me to return the userto the Main Menu when he is taking the quiz, but have him jump to the nextscene when he is reviewing his quizresults.

Again Thank you for your assistance.

Mary Ellen (M.E.) Woods

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mary Ellen,

To answer your question: :I take it that the Incorrect response is what the users sees when he reaches that maximum number of failed attempts. Prior to maxing out, he sees the Tryagain response, correct?"

Yes, that is correct. I'm not sure what you mean about staying away from the Try Again wizard, but I'm very glad that you found a workaround. Good for you! And remember, there's always (or almost always) more than one way to accomplish things in Storyline.

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