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Connie Malamed

Peter, what do you mean if it's happening on my desktop also? Whatever it is, it's only in Storyline and never in a scene that is linear. Only when there is branching. I'll try to find the link to which Phil has referred before submitting a ticket. I did search before posting here, so must not have used the correct words to find it previously. Thanks everyone.

Linda Miller

I don't think it's because of the tablet. This has happened to me several times, and yes, it is always within a scene that has branching. This is in the unpublished Storyline file and has nothing to do with the menu. It's the actual order of the slides.  I set the slides in the order that I want them to appear (in this case a demo or try it), and all on their own they will jump to the other branch or just change order. It just happened today and I am spending lots of time rearranging them to their original order. It looks like this has been a known issue for a couple of years, so I assume I just haven't been able to find your recommended solution. :-)

Linda Miller

Thanks for your response. I always work locally in Storyline. I am having the issue in my current project, but it has occurred in another project as well. It's a very disorienting thing when it happens, because you don't at first believe your eyes. But upon closer inspection, yes, the slides do move on their own. The order moves and the slides move from one branch to another.

I do not remember this happening in Storyline 1, but can't say for sure whether it started with Storyline 2.


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