Slides viewed - how to keep a slide out of the count

I have a course that has an optional "How to Navigate this Course" slide in a tab that they can click on if they are new to this kind of interface.

I am publishing a course based on number of slides view. I want them to have to view all slides except the optional one. I don't want to simply do one less slide, because they could get credit without viewing all the slides I want them to view. Is there a way to keep the optional slide out of the count, or specify which slide should not be included? Thank you!

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Jesse Spinella

Hello Wendy,

You can do this with a True / False variable. And a Slide Layer variable to Jump to Slide "x" if True / False variable is True.

Basically when user presses the "next" button, it sets the True / False variable "Skip Page" to True. Then, on the way back through, Slide Layer trigger checks to see if that variable is True, and jumps to the first slide in the test if it is.

Attached my example .story file for you to dissect.

Hope this helps,


Wendy Jaehnig

Oops, I wasn't very clear. Sorry about that! 

I am trying to send results to an LMS using Track Using Number of Slides Viewed. The course has 45 slides and I want Storyline to send a passing score to the LMS only if they have viewed every slide in the course except the optional slide. I don't want to simply set the Track Using Number of Slides Viewed slide number to 44, because then they could skip any slide and get credit. I was wondering if there was a way to make it so the optional slide is specifically not counted in the number of slides.