slight gap inbetween hotspots showing

May 29, 2020

I'm attempting to make an interactive video.  The user needs to identify a hazard in a video by clicking on the screen.  When the user clicks, a flag must appear.

At the moment I have created a number of shapes to appear over the video.  each appearing for a specific amount of time the slide timeline.  It is then immediately followed by the next shape and so on


Shape1 - 1 second- 2 second

shape 2 - 2 second - 3 second

shape 3 - 3 second - 4 seconds

If the user clicks on the shape a flag will appear underneath to acknowledge the click.  the issue I am having is that, during the transition from one shape to the next there is a tiny gap (I presume where it is loading) no more than 0.1 of a second.  If a user clicks during this period it is not recognised.

Is anyone able to offer any advice on how we can solve this issue?


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Walt Hamilton

I clicked constantly and got all 235 flags; is that the purpose? I have to wonder if you can't accomplish the same thing by having each frame last a whole second, or maybe even 2 seconds. Then if you want to know when they spot the hazard, you can use those really short times in the couple of seconds surrounding the hazard. Just a suggestion to save you a little development time.

Anyway, to your question, set frame1 to last .026, or 0.28, or even 0.5 sec. It doesn't matter how long a frame lasts, because when the next one appears above it, if they click, the top one will intercept the click, and the lower one will never notice it.

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