SlildeReveal glitchs

We are using the SlideReveal addition/subtraction formula on the master slides with triggers on each screen's base layer to show each layer (by increasing the variable by one number) when clicking on either the space bar, period key, or a rectangular screen-size click box. We are also using this function to hide each layer by subtracting one from the variable when clicking on the comma key.  We added a trigger to show each layer with the A key so the instructor can show all of the layers at once if desired.

This works but the space bar SOMETIMES adds two instead of one even though the formula is: "Add 1.00 to SlideReveal When the user presses the Space key."

Also the "Show layer  Reveal 1 When the user presses the A key" works if there are less than 10 layers, but not for more even though a trigger is created for each layer.

One last question, this method requires multiple triggers (3 for each layer) of a hundreds of slides with dozens of layers per screen - Is there a time-saving way to add the triggers?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

Where are you testing your published file? You'll want to make sure you're testing within the intended publish environment as testing it locally could cause you to encounter odd behavior.  I'm also not familiar with this "formula" you mentioned - did you see it in another forum thread? Possibly could you point us in that direction so we could review the set up or if you'd like to share your file here? Additionally, if you saw it in another thread you may want to post a query in that thread for additional assistance.