Problem with loading on iOS and Android - SL3 course.


I'm working on a project in Storyline 3, and the client would like it to work on tablet devices where possible.

In our pre-release testing we have identified that the resource is very slow on iPad and even slower on Android tablets. The resource however is working great on desktops, and we've tested the resource on everything from IE9+ to modern browsers.

On Android, in our testing, the lag has made it more or less not useable unfortunately. Can anyone help identify either the limitations of Storyline 3's HTML5 output or any known issues which may cause a course to run slowly on tablets? 

One thought I had was that perhaps the course was being pre-loaded? We do have 4 embedded videos within the first 5 pages of the course which I thought may have been a factor, however I have since read that videos do not pre-load. 

Any clarity on this issue would be much appreciated.  The course is approx 80mb in total (Storyline output), has around 60 screens and most screens have several layers, 4 videos, and 22 pdfs are linked to and in the external content folder. It is a blended learning resource so we are often pointing to external pages and links.

Many thanks for any help,


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Ross Murray


Just checking in on this. Is there any thoughts? Has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a solution? I was wondering if it might be to do with the responsive player? Is their a way to use the standard HTML5 player? If I understand right this can be disabled but only if you don't use any of the player features? I need to use the menu feature unfortunately. Is it possible to remove the responsive player in another way? Perhaps manually after publishing?